Situational Awareness

Monitor event impacts in real time Make informed decisions when they matter most

Take quick action backed by data and analysis

In the complex realm of business operations or large-scale events, it's difficult to know what is happening where. Using location intelligence, business leaders and first responders see a holistic view of the situation-real-time data such as weather and traffic, on-the-ground updates, plus the locations of assets, crews and other resources. This approach leads to smart decisions in the moment and predictive abilities for the future.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Gain insights from your data whether you are tracking moving assets or stationary sensors. Make the right decision at the right time.

Crisis Response

When an event occurs, quickey aoaress tne impacts, maintain operational awareness, conduct damage assessments, and inform stakeholders.

Public Safety

Strengthen foresight and agility using location intelligence to see where things are happening the moment they occur and help save lives.

Monitor event impacts in real time

Make informed decisions when they matter most, decision-makers gain clarity from location intelligence whether they need to react to supply chain disruptions, repair damage to a utility network or coordinate first responders in an emergency.

  • Monitor resources and operations in real time.
  • Integrate data from multiple sources including Internet of Things (IoT) and social media feeds.
  • Visualize and share all key information with one map view.
  • Perform quick spatial analysis of an impending event.
  • Create an informed incident response plan in minutes.

Spatial Analysis and Data Science

Use location as the connective thread to uncover hidden patterns and trends for enhanced risk assessment. Create a competitive edge by integrating location into machine learning models and artificial intelligence

Real-Time Visualization and Analytics

Gain critical perspective on real-time field activities and use data-rich dashboards to inform decisions. See what can be accomplished through working in real-time collaboration with a shared understanding of ground conditions


Visualise people, places and assets to gain important insights into customers and competitors. See what’s happening across a network of store locations, create strong business plans and know where to allocate resources.

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