Site Analysis and Territory Planning

Choose the best locations Use a data-driven growth strategy

Support long-term success

Innovative business leaders use location intelligence to forecast profits for potential locations and networks of locations and to make strong site selection and market planning decisions.

Market and Customer Analysis

Rely on data instead of guesswork to find your best customers, identify target markets, advertise strategically, and drive growth.

Supply Chain Digitisation

Manage your suppiy chain digitally to fino ways to increase efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Logistics and Fulfilment

Organise complex delivery operations to ensure you supplies and products are where they need to be in a timely manner.

Use Location intelligence to forecast profits for potential locations

Smart maps show current store performance or customer base in context of location and market opportunity. Spatial analysis enables selection of the most profitable sites based on competition, demographics and supply chain.

  • Identify and target the most profitable locations.
  • Make repeatable growth decisions at scale.
  • Avoid cannibalizing sales and jeopardizing current business.
  • Optimize online buying and in-store customer engagement.
  • Make the most of store, market and merchandise mixes.

Spatial Analysis and Data Science

Use location as the connective thread to uncover hidden patterns and trends for enhanced market and customer analysis. Create a competitive edge by integrating location into machine learning models and artificial intelligence

Field Operations

Gain critical perspective on real-time field activities and use data-rich dashboards to inform decisions. See what can be accomplished through working in real-time collaboration with a shared understanding of ground conditions


Visualise people, places and assets to gain important insights into customers and competitors. See what’s happening across a network of store locations, create strong business plans and know where to allocate resources.

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