Real-Time Location Tracking

Know where assets are at all times Get a real-time view of people, vehicles and sensor feeds

Location Analytics for transparency and accountability

With so many people and things in motion, business and government leaders don't have time to manually track each movement. With location intelligence, they can create live maps and apps for monitoring. By seeing what's happening now and analyzing what has already happened, decision-makers can identify opportunities for growth, safety and efficiency.

Asset Tracking and Analysis

Visualise moving and fixed assets dynamically. Implement problem-solving tools to accurately record the locations and health of your assets.

Situational Awareness

The moment something happens, make better decisions by integrating, analysing and displaying data from many sensors, devices and social media feeds.

Field Service Management

Digitally transform the approach to field operations. Gain efficiency from real-time data updates and integrate mobile field apps into workflows.

Visualize movement patterns & productivity

Monitor operations, resources, and assets - from field crews to vehicle fleets - using live maps, apps and dashboards.

  • Analyze and display real-time data from sensors, devices and social media feeds.
  • Put live tracking data in context of road or utility networks, hazards, weather and demographics.
  • Send commands to sensors when patterns of interest are detected.
  • Get real-time alerts and visualization on maps and dashboards.
  • Integrate location history data with infrastructure data to discover trends and outliers.


Track assets and visualize, analyze and understand huge volumes of data in real time with location intelligence technology

Real-Time Visualization and Analytics

Know where assets are across your organization and monitor changing situations. Use big data and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to make quick, informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Spatial Analysis and Data Science

Use location as the connective thread to uncover hidden patterns and trends. Create a competitive edge by integrating location into machine learning models and artificial intelligence.

Field Operations

Gain perspective on real-time field activities and use visually rich dashboards to inform decisions. See what can be accomplished through capturing accurate data and working in unison, easily navigating data and roads—even while offline.

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