Risk Management

Stay ahead of uncertainty Plan effectively and act quickly with location intelligence

Preventive Risk Management & Mitigation

Business and government leaders face unprecedented risk from disasters, geopolitical shifts and security threats. They can use location intelligence to visualize risk on smart maps, find patterns and trends in big data and communicate seamlessly during risk mitigation and response. This modern approach to risk management saves time, money and lives.

Situational Awareness

The moment something happens, make better decisions by integrating, analysing, and displaying data from many sensors. devices, and social media feeds.

Crisis Response

When an event occurs, quickly aooress me impacts, maintain operational awareness, conduct damage assessments, and inform stakeholders.

Asset Tracking and Analysis

Visualise moving and fixed assets dynamically. implement problem-solving tools to accurately record the locations and health of your assets.

Mitigate and Manage Risks proactively

Smart maps pinpoint areas of potential risk, reveal deeper insights on how to manage risk and provide a common view that streamlines communication during all phases of risk management.

  • Know where to allocate resources with data-driven risk assessment.
  • Use predictive analytics to reveal patterns and trends.
  • Share real-time data to understand impacted assets, people and places.


Enhance preparedness, response, and resilience using location intelligence technology.

Spatial Analysis and Data Science

Use location as the connective thread to uncover hidden patterns and trends for enhanced risk assessment. Create a competitive edge by integrating location into machine learning models and artificial intelligence

Real-Time Visualization and Analytics

Know where vulnerabilities exist right now across your business and monitor changing situations. Use big data and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to make quick, informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information.


Visualize people, places and assets to gain a clear understanding of risk. See what's happening throughout the organization, create robust risk mitigation plans and know where to allocate resources.

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