Managed Cloud Services

Cloud GIS experts host and manage your Enterprise GIS platform so you can stay focused

Reliable & Secure

Robust managed cloud services and capabilities that meet security requirements and protect your data.

Peace of Mind

Professionally managed infra, Scalable with 99.99% uptime to help you stay focused.

Cost Benefits, Effective and Efficient

Greater productivity, higher performance and better reliability while saving money.

How it Works

Determine the best approach

Our subject matter experts help you select the cloud GIS approach that’s right for your organisation – whether you’re adopting a 100 percent cloud approach or adding a cloud deployment to your planned or existing capabilities.

Quickly deploy your cloud environment

Regardless of the need, we’ve probably done it before. We help you get up and running quickly while saving you the hassle of figuring it out for yourself.

Get ongoing support

Once your cloud environment is operational, we stay connected to your organisation. You receive regular updates on usage, including early warnings and operational assistance, as needed.

Evolve with your business

As your business goals and needs change, we help you optimise your cloud capabilities to get the results you’re looking for.

Choose your level of engagement

No matter the scope of your work, professional GIS consultants at Samvriddhi can help at the level that meets your needs.

Project Management Consulting

Our project work provides comprehensive industry, domain and technical expertise to address real world needs. Our experts manage a project’s scope, schedule and budget and use proven methodologies to deliver turnkey solutions and user intuitive applications.

We can consult with you to define the approach to delivering transformational Enterprise GIS capabilities for your organization.

Find Out how Samvriddhi can help your Business

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