Oil & Gas

Location Intelligence is key across Oil & Gas Operations – from site selection to transportation. Learning its influence and incorporating location intelligence in day to day decision making it efficient and effective.

Democratise your GIS Data to Empower the Entire Organization

Location intelligence influences all aspects of an oil and gas operations – from locating and extracting new resources to improving field management and ensuring HSE compliance. Advanced mapping and spatial analytics reveal deeper insight into relationships and patterns, answer complex questions and help users make informed decisions concerning operational excellence, best practice and sustainable working methods all while minimizing detrimental environmental impact.

Maps , Apps and Analytics Platform

Integrated Enterprise GIS allows everyone in the organization to access to the most accurate, consistent and secure data thus making it easy to locate, share and analyze information.

Maps Available Everywhere

Access maps in familiar environments – such as Excel, PowerPoint and online – to give data spatial context from the office or the field.

Everyday Workflows Transformed

Standardize and improve daily processes such as surveys, asset inspections and operational surveillance; share the data anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Integration with Existing Systems

Enrich enterprise systems with location-based information to gain new business insight that improves analysis and decision-making.

Empower Your Entire Organization

Extend mapping and analytics throughout the enterprise to realize the full potential of GIS.


When an oil exploration opportunity emerges, quickly access essential data for accurate prospect evaluation. Use maps and analysis to realise the full potential of land holdings. During upstream production, real-time situational awareness strengthens performance.

Prospect Evaluation

Streamline projects while maintaining decision integrity.

Land Management

Evaluate acreage, integrate survey data and manage current holdings effectively.

Field Operations

Manage field crews in real time while reducing HSE exposure.


Integrated Enterprise GIS goes beyond environmental planning and regulatory compliance. Having a complete view of midstream operations with easy-to-use maps and apps that show the full oil and gas network. Expedite inspections, routing and compliance with user-friendly workflows and dashboards.


Evaluate options with confidence using cost-based spatial analysis.


Manage pipeline integrity with a data model and tools designed for this purpose.

HCA Analysis

Manage field crews in real time while reducing HSE exposure.


Integrated Enterprise GIS incorporates advanced maps and spatial analysis essential for optimal petroleum refinery operations, logistics and distribution networks. Location intelligence is key to managing downstream infrastructure more efficiently. Identify ideal refinery sites more easily. Mitigate risk effectively. Improve retail margins substantially.


Enhance CAD-based facility plans, on-site asset management and HSE reporting.


Optimise energy distribution logistics through real-time spatial analysis and reporting.


Locating sites for new Petrol Stations and identifying which Stations can be closed are key requirements.


HSE is one of the most critical aspects of Oil & Gas Operations, proactive approach to HSE can help preparation and prevention if acted in time. Integrated Enterprise GIS incorporates avanced maps, apps and workflows with spatial analysis revealing vulnerabilities that can be addressed in time. Knowing where people and assets are located and their real-time status can help minimise risk. Location is key to preparedness while meeting the regulatory compliances.

Environmental Management

Manage obligations from many sources in one integrated and collaborative system.

Risk Management

Effectively assess risks to people, assets, the environment and reputation.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Evaluate active sites using the latest imagery and data to create impact reports.